Do you confuse net-worth with your self-worth? If you do, you’re definitely not the only one. In some cultures, materials are a priority and contributor to happiness. And for others, just getting by on the basics (education, healthcare, home) is good enough, yet undoubtedly stressful along the way. Money woes make up nearly 40 percent of our major stressors.QUIZ: Are You Stressed?


In 2007, America’s personal savings rate was less than zero (as a nation, they spent more than they made). This kind of saving was at its lowest level since the Great Depression. Over a decade, the U.S. consumer debt has doubled to more than $2 trillion. That’s a lot of dough to be in debt.

You might find that you’re on a different planet when it comes to the way your partner feels about your funds. Before you point fingers at each other, maybe you can blame our ancestors.We evolved from a hunter-gatherer society. Today, the focus isn’t just on what you provide each other for your survival, but how you choose to spend your money on the extra luxuries.Did you splurge on the fancy espresso machine and your spouse still insists on a daily Starbucks run? OK, maybe your finance arguments get a little more heated than that. It’s no joke—personal finance concerns are five times greater than health issues.Even worse, sometimes we deal with money problems by turning to unhealthy behaviors (smoking, excessive drinking, Krispy Kreme binging). Are you seeing how freaking out about finances can turn ugly?QUIZ: Do You Have Close Relationships?