Your Toughest Skin Questions, Answered

Last month, our Dermatology Expert Dr. Jeanine Downie answered your most pressing skin questions in a Facebook chat. Here she tackles five questions that needed more explanation.

Skin questions answered

Q: Are there products that help with discolorations from mosquito bites?

A: Yes, there are products that can help. There are many categories, but hydroquinones work the best.

The over-the-counter hydroquinones (fade creams) are Ambi and Esoterica. These are both 2-percent hydroquinones. Prescription hydroquinones start at 4 percent and go up.  EpiQuin Micro and MyBody Sledgehammer Intensive Skin Lightener are examples of prescription strength fade creams that your doctor can give you.

Dot these products on the dark mark left from a mosquito bite twice a day, using sunscreen during daylight hours, and be sure to reapply the sunscreen throughout the day.

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If fade creams do not work, these patients should seek the help of a board-certified dermatologist. They may need doctor-strength chemical peels or even laser treatments with the Fraxel Re:store laser.

Q: I am 41 and have little bumps that look like whiteheads on my chin. Could it be from hormones?

A: Yes, the little white bumps on your chin could be due to hormones.  At 41 years old, you could be shifting into perimenopause (welcome to my world). Jawline acne in general is usually stress related or hormonal.

I would recommend you seek the help of a board-certified dermatologist. He or she can assess you, confirm that it is acne and give you proper prescriptions to treat these breakouts and prevent scarring.

Some of the popular prescriptions to treat perimenopausal acne include:

Aczone, Finacea, Differin and Veltin. Occasionally, acne can be more difficult to treat and may require oral antibiotics or even Accutane.

I also recommend chemical peels with glycolic or salicylic acid, not picking your pimples and using oil-free makeup, sunscreen and moisturizer.

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