Perfumes for Morning, Noon and Night

Lisa Hoffman Beauty’s new perfume sets are designed to meet your nose’s needs at every time of day.

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| December 1st, 2011

Jasmine and sandalwood (both highlighted in evening variations) can help you gear up for a post-work dinner or drink. “When you’re around people you like, sandalwood tends to make you socialize more and puts you in a more positive mood,” says Hirsch. “Jasmine also tends to increase beta waves associated with a more awake and alert state. One study found that jasmine increased hand-eye coordination, so if you’re tired, it can give you the extra boost.”

The bedtime scent is very subtle, with just a hint of fragrance. “Smell is an alarm mechanism, so a strong smell when you’re sleeping would wake you up,” says Hirsch. 

You can even pick and choose which variation you use based on the temperature.

“When it’s colder, your sense of smell is worse,” says Hirsch. In overheated winter offices, you’ll want a lighter (morning) scent indoors and a stronger (evening) scent when you step into the freezing outdoors. (The opposite is true in the summer when offices are cold and the streets are sweltering.)

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“My hope is that women will have more fun with their fragrance, that they’ll feel freer to wear it their way, mix it up a bit,” says Hoffman, who loves to put the oils in the palm of her hand then lightly run her fingers through her long, brown hair. “On a windy day, I love that I can toss my head and get a whiff of it.”

Whether you use the perfumes to wake you up in the morning, perk you up for happy hour or calm you as you hop into bed, your nose can help you totally dominate your day.

Find the fragrance that’s right for you with Lisa Hoffman Beauty’s scent finder tool, iScentify.

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