Beauty sleep: experimental study on the perceived health and attractiveness of sleep deprived people

The Researchers: J. Axelsson, et al.

Published In: British Medical Journal 2010; 341:c6614


Sleep boosts beauty.


Finally, there’s proof that beauty sleep is no myth.

In this study, a team of Swedish researchers photographed twenty-three healthy adults under two conditions: fully rested and sleep deprived. Researchers showed the photos to a separate group of 65 untrained observers who rated the photos for health, attractiveness and tiredness. 

Overall, observers thought sleep deprived subjects looked more tired, less healthy and less attractive—and that’s after just one night!

A good night’s sleep, 6.5-8 hours, leads to better health, a longer lifespan and a bright-eyed, beautiful you. So rest up, sleeping beauty, and tuck in early tonight.

Beauty connection

New parents, avert your eyes: A good night’s sleep really does make you healthier and more attractive. Good sleep improves heart health and lowers inflammation, which leads to clear skin and wards off wrinkles. It also makes you more likely to maintain a healthy weight, stick with an exercise routine and resist mindless snacking. Adding sleep to your beauty toolkit won’t cost a penny, and it’ll do more for your beauty woes than any fancy skin cream! 

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