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  • Katia Pryce

    Post-Workout Hair Tips From Someone Who's Always Sweating

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  • Hair Growth Ch

    6 Products That Boost Hair Growth

    These powerful products give your scalp and hair the nourishment they need to grow longer and stronger.
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  • Hair Grow Longer

    How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

    Wish your hair would just grow already? Try these scalp, hair and nutrition tips to get hair to grow longer and stronger.
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  • Biolage Biomatch A

    Beauty File: Biolage’s Cotton-Inspired Volumizing Haircare

    Taking inspiration from nature, this volumizing line mimics the natural power of the cotton flower to multiply hair fibers and build strong, touchable volume.
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  • Hair Frizz Products Ch

    Editors Evaluate The Newest Frizz-Busters

    Hair care products to fight frizz, oil and dryness and reviews by YouBeauty editors..
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  • Conditioner Ch

    Do You Have An Oily Scalp or Seborrheic Dermatitis?

    Tips on how to manage a flaky scalp due to seborrheic dermatitis.
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  • Blowout Ch

    The Science of the Perfect Blowout

    Two top celebrity hairstylists offer tips on how to score a silky-smooth blowout at home, no matter your texture.
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  • 648 Beach Hair

    DIY Sea Salt Hairspray

    Learn how to make your hair "beach hair" wavy with DIY sea salt spray.
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  • Organic Beauty Ch

    13 Organic Beauty Brands You Can Trust

    Check out these quality organic beauty brands and their top products.
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  • Combination Hair A

    Your Combination Hair Shopping Guide

    Address conflicting hair needs all at once with these tips and products that treat combination hair.
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  • Younger Hair Comb H Article

    Take 15 Years Off Your Hair

    Subtract years off your hair age with hair tips for younger hair.
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