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  • Sexiest Man Alive A

    28 Years of The Sexiest Man Alive

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  • Holiday Movie Face Flip Ch

    Facial Symmetry of Celebrities: Holiday 2013 Movie Edition

    We use our face flip tool to show you what the leading ladies in the latest holiday 2013 season movies would look like with perfect facial symmetry.
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  • Voting 2012 Election Ch

    The Presidential Election: What Did Appearance Have To Do With It?

    A candidate's appearance can have a profound effect on voting decisions and electoral outcomes.
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  • Celebrity Face Flip Ch

    Celebrity Face Flip

    Face symmetry of celebrities using the YouBeauty Face Flip tool.
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  • Presidential Candidates Face Flip Ch

    The Faces of the 2012 Presidential Election

    Face symmetry and face shapes of political candidates and their wives.
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  • 648 Mitt Romney

    Handsome Politicians Dominate the Boob Tube

    Does a politician's looks or hair affect if they win an election? We review the latest research.
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  • 648 Ugly Babies

    Good News for Ugly Babies

    If your baby isn't too cute, they can grow up attractive, according to new research.
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  • 648 Beauty Ballot

    Hey Good Lookin’: How Beauty Affects the Ballot

    Voters who watch more TV cast a ballot for more attractive candidates, or those who look more like stereotypical successful politician.
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  • Content Placeholder

    Proportional faces considered attractive.

    Proportional faces considered attractive, may be a way to measure "ideal" beauty.
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  • 648 Looks Discrimination

    Looks Discrimination: Can You Sue?

    Some people say that unattractive people are discriminated against in the workplace and other areas of life. Should it become a law?
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  • 648 Selfish Beauty

    Beautiful People Also Rude and Selfish?

    Not that we're cutting mean girls any slack, but they may be (slightly) primed for it.
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