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  • Resveratrol Ch

    Resveratrol: The Ultimate Anti-Ager (Inside and Out)

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  • Beauty Benefits Chocolate A

    The Health + Beauty Benefits of Dark Chocolate (Infographic)

    Dark chocolate enhances your beauty. Learn how with this infographic.
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  • Paleta A

    L.A.'s New Skincare-Meets-Juice-Cleanse Delivery Service (Available Nationwide!)

    A new cleanse in Los Angeles delivers both juices and skincare to your doorstep to make you glow from the inside out.
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  • Skin Cancer Prevention 2 A

    Beyond Sunscreen: 5 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer

    Studies show these foods can help reduce your chances of developing skin cancer.
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  • Vegan Diet A

    Will Going Vegan Give You Great Skin?

    Going vegan can help your skin, but only if you're careful to get the right vitamins and minerals you could be lacking when you forego animal products.
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  • Secret Oils Ch

    Secret Beauty Oils From Around the World

    We discovered the secret hair oils and facial oils women around the world have used for centuries, which are now catching on in the U.S.
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  • Nordic Beauty Secrets A

    Nordic Beauty: What’s Their Secret?

    The weather and bountiful berries in Nordic countries are part of the reason why Scandinavian women are known for having such healthy, beautiful skin.
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  • Sugar Skin

    The Holidays, Sugar and Your Skin

    Sugar has been known to do damage on your health, but can also damage your skin.
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  • Salt Cosmetics Ch

    Worth Its Salt?

    So is it a little salt in your beauty arsenal something you should seek out or avoid? Well, the answer depends on what beauty issue you’re trying to address.
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  • 648 Vitamin D Skin

    Vitamin D and Your Skin: What’s the Deal?

    Taking a vitamin D supplement orally, while benefiting the body, will not give you the same skincare benefits as daily, topical application. And a topical D product won’t raise the levels in your body, so it’s no supplement substitute.
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  • 648 Butternut Squash

    Youth-Boosting Squash Soup

    A winter squash soup recipe for better skin.
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