Sugar Ages Your Skin

Eating less sugar slows down the wrinkling and sagging of aging skin.

Looking to cut down on sugar? Your waist size might go down—and so will your chances of cardiovascular disease. Excess sugar in the blood stream damages the grout between the tile-like cells lining your arteries and increases inflammation all over your body. Eating less sugar protects those important areas inside your blood vessels. And—bonus!—it slows down the wrinkling and sagging of aging skin.


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  • Isabel

    Can I say how much I hate the lack of clarification about sugar consumption. Does this refer to all consumed sugar or just processed, added sugars. Should everyone avoid fruit since they are loaded with sugar, or does the dual consumption of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants along with sugar remove those negative effects. Specificity matters.

    • Isabel

      Also would it kill you to actually name the study you are referencing so I can get these answers without having to wade through twenty equally uninformative websites?

  • Andy Martin

    I agree, We all know how “bad” sugar is for you, but its everywhere. nowadays im afraid to drink a blue moon with an orange slice. Please be more specific .