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Morning Tea

Avocado Power

Eating half an avocado at lunch keeps you full for hours.

Why Blackheads Are Black

Blackheads turn black because of a chemical reaction with the air.

Worst Breakfasts

A high-glycemic breakfast can leave you hungry all day.

You Can’t Always Trust Your Memories

Our memories rewrite themselves with information from the present.

Caffeine for Headaches

Caffeine fights headaches by constricting your arteries.

The Boons of Prunes

Prunes are packed with wrinkle-fighting antioxidants.

Tomatoes and Your Ticker

Tomatoes help lower your blood pressure.

Food to Put You in the Mood

Tea and chocolate can boost your libido.

Humidify Your Skin

Humidifiers help prevent or repair dry skin.

Kisser Tell

Pouty lips indicate youth and vitality.