Morning Tea

Why You Should Skip the Sit-Ups

Sit-ups do more harm than good.

To Pop Or Not to Pop?

Good news, runners: It's safe to pop those uncomfortable blisters. You just need to be sure that it’s really just a blister and not another type of lesion, like a wart, which should always...

How to Survive Race Day

The day you've been training towards is here – now what? The sweet spot to eat timing-wise is about 2 hours before your race. This gives your body time to digest and store the energy,...

Do You Need a Nap?

You may suffer from "social jet leg" if you change your sleep schedule on weekends.

You’re Probably Not an Introvert Or Extrovert

"Ambiverts" make up around 40-68 percent of the population.

The B.O. Gene

Two percent of women have a rare gene that prevents underarm odor.

Bust Bad Breath

Drinking milk prevents garlic breath.

Do Good and Help Yourself

Charitable givers tend to be healthier.

Baby’s First Bacteria

Babies delivered by C-section have different gut bacteria than those born vaginally.

Avoid DIY Cleansing Oils

DIY cleansing oils can cause cystic acne.