Morning Tea

Fight Wrinkles By Eating More Soy

Soy may smooth out your complexion.

Slow-healing Leg and Foot Sores Can be Dangerous

Slow-healing leg and foot sores can be dangerous.

Chronic Puffiness Could Signal Health Problems

Chronic puffiness could signal health problems.

Your Body’s Wackiest Clues About Heart Disease Risk

Your body's wackiest clues about heart disease risk.

Your Chompers Can Reveal Cardiovascular Risks

Your chompers can reveal cardiovascular risks.

Assortative Mating Explains Similarities in Partners

Assortative mating explains similarities in partners.

Makeup Feminizes a Face By Creating Contrast

Makeup makes a face look feminine and youthful, by creating contrast and smoothing the complexion.

Bleach vs Dye: Which Is Safer?

Hair color head-to-head: Permanent dye is safer than bleach.

Eating Reduced-fat Foods Can Mean More Calories

Eating reduced-fat foods can mean more calories.

Social Ties Influence Perception of Attractiveness

Social ties influence perception of attractiveness.