Morning Tea

Why You Get the Munchies

Skimping on shuteye gives you the munchies the next day.

Bye-Bye, Bad Dreams

Nightmares are most common in the last third of the night.

Chocolate: Our Favorite Beauty Food

Adults who eat a little chocolate five times a week are thinner.

Crack the Code (on Your Produce)

The sticker codes on individual pieces of fruit reveal whether they're organic or genetically modified.

Sunshine Scare

The sun is brighter today than it's been for 400 years.

How Do You See Yourself?

People with eating disorders move and act like they're bigger than they actually are.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You shed about 100 hairs every day.

Your New Best Friend Awaits

Fifty-four percent of adults want to make new friends.

The Healthy Drink That’s Packed With Sugar

A glass of fruit juice has as much sugar as a soda.

Working Out Could Help You Eat Less

Exercising makes you less hungry.