Morning Tea

Exercise for Better Memory

Doing cardio in young adulthood improves brain function in middle age.

Eat for BP

A vegetarian diet could lower your blood pressure.

Green Tea Helps The Aging Process

New research says green tea can improve motor skills in old age.

A Good Cry

Crying can improve your mood.

Body Weight Oxymoron

You can be a normal weight and obese at the same time.

Your Mood and Food

When we're in a good mood, we choose healthier food over indulgent snacks.

Sugar Is Everywhere

Your recommended daily intake of sugar is less than the amount in one can of soda.

Why Adults Need a Bedtime

Your internal clock runs best when you have a consistent bedtime and wake time.

Secret Ager

Your hands give away your age as much as your face does.

Why You Cry at Sappy Movies

Mirror neurons in the brain are what allow us to feel empathy.