Morning Tea

Need Help Reaching Your Goals?

Aiming to lose 2 to 4 pounds, rather than 3 pounds exactly, makes you more likely to keep at it.

Easy Good-Mood Breakfast

Eating oatmeal boosts serotonin.

The Lasting Effects of Stress

Your reactions to day-to-day stress can affect your happiness a decade down the line.

Skin Miracle in Your Cupboard

Honey can help you fight zits.

A Simple Trick for Fewer Fights

You're more likely to fight with your partner when you're tired.

How to Use Exercise to Fight Stress

Exercise can reduce the brain's response to stress.

#1 Moisturizing Tip

Moisturizer absorbs better on damp skin.

Are X-rays safe?

You absorb more radiation in line for an airport X-ray scanner than inside the scanner itself.

Calorie Shocker

The average fast-food meal contains 836 calories.

Sugar Shakedown

Sugar from fruit is molecularly identical to the sugar in candy.