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Taking Responsibility Helps You Live Longer

Taking responsibility helps you live longer.

Skip The Gym If You’re Feeling Under the Weather

Skip the gym if you're feeling under the weather.

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Leptin regulates hunger and metabolism, to a point.

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Sleep apnea and snoring aren't the same.

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Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake portray a charmed 'friends with benefits' situation. But is it really possible?

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After a breakup, focus on looking great. For yourself, not your ex!

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Cheaters never prosper, but can you spot one in a relationship? What makes us cheat?

Eating Tomatoes Can Help Sun Damage

Eating tomatoes can help sun damage.

Are Your Negative Relationships Affecting Your Health?

Exposure to negative relationships can lead to more than a 10 percent increase in your BMI and waist.

Quit “Fat talking” and Raise Your Self-Esteem

Most women frequently bash their bodies. And many even expect it!