Instagram has become home to new and budding makeup artists who are producing everything from mind-boggling makeup looks to sleek, sexy, and creative makeup. Here are 10 of the most amazing Instagram makeup artists that inspire all of us to play with our makeup products.

1Jezz Hill @jezzhill

This artist is blessed to the core with talent! With an eye for classic editorial makeup, Jezz Hill, a New York-based makeup artist, is all about creating looks that portray modern art. She uses the human face as her canvas as she layers bright, vibrant shades and unique props.

2Lisa Eldridge @lisaeldidgemakeup

Lisa Eldridge, a celebrity makeup artist, creates the perfect fresh face no-makeup makeup look. Check out her Cara Delevingne transformation!

3Maya Ahmad @themayaahmad

Dubai based makeup artist known for her tutorials that focus on accentuating one’s natural features. Nothing too dramatic, but sometimes you need someone to make you shine. We could stare at her smooth and flawless makeup application for hours.

4MadronaRedhawk @madroni_redclock

Her looks will make you scream! She creates a plethora of themed makeup looks that are a fantastic inspiration right before Halloween. This girl is all about the avant-garde. Check out her videos as well!

5Hung Vanngo @hungvanngo

A must-follow account if you’re interested in contour tips and flawless dewy foundation application. He gives a lot of behind the scenes tips and shots of your favorite celebrities and models.

6Dominic Skinner @dominic_mua

If you love MAC cosmetics, follow this fantastic senior makeup artist who creates mind-blowing looks with the company’s makeup. You’ll see a lot of his work on the runways.

7Kicki Yang Zhang @kickiyangz

This German artist doesn’t just serve up hot makeup, but she also delivers humor. Like many other artists, she applies makeup all over her face as if it were a canvas. Her looks are a sweet blend between woke fashion and pop culture.

8Fouz Al Fahad @therealfouz

Fouz is an Arab makeup artist that creates bold looks with cherry pouts. Looking to get a glam look in a matter of minutes? Follow her for great insight on beauty and a whole lot of makeup inspiration.

9Celine Bernaerts @celine_bernaerts

Her bio says she is a chameleon making her way through life with makeup – and we believe her. Follow her for some dreamy, sultry eye makeup. Immaculate winged liner paired with her eccentric choice of colors is going to leave you awestruck.

10Katie Jane Hughes @katiejanehughes

Let this beauty OG take you into the world of gloss and all things shiny. Her looks mostly feature shiny glosses on lips and highlighters on cheeks – that are always on fleek. See, that even rhymed.

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