Climate change is real but not inevitable. Since the UN report released by IPCC, people have been on alert about our environmental impacts in everyday life.

For those of us unfamiliar with the contents of the report, here’s the briefest horror story ever told. A group of scientists concluded that we have about 12 years left before we witness catastrophic damage to our planet due to the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Ready to change the ending? I gathered a few foolproof and straightforward steps you can make to reduce your carbon footprint.

1Reduce, reuse and recycle

Going zero to minimal waste is a great way to fight climate change; learning and practicing the 5R’s can make such a big difference.
Reduce: avoid single-use plastic and paper products and opt for reusable bags and other products. Shop smart to prevent waste!
Reuse: make sure to make the most out of the products you have to prevent them from ending up in a landfill.
Recycle: properly recycle any plastic, paper glass, etc.. that you cannot reuse, keep in mind your state’s recycling laws as a guide.

2More biking

Take a cue from places like Germany and the Netherlands, where people bike more and avoid driving places. Since cars heavily pollute the atmosphere and can be very dangerous to human health, bikes are a no-brainer.
If you can’t bike everywhere, consider public transportation, helping in putting fewer cars on the roads and reducing carbon emissions! Getting daily exercise while saving the environment sounds like an excellent deal.

3Save water

Reducing the water you use by taking shorter showers or reusing water to water plants is essential. Our clean water resources are limited on this planet, and it’s important to cherish what little we have left.
Other simple steps to conserve water is not to leave it running! So when you brush your teeth, turn the faucet off. And remember, when it’s yellow, let it mellow. If you can, reduce the toilet flushing action as much as possible.

4Seasonal produce

Farmers markets are the best place to start your eco-friendly journey. Eating local fruits and vegetables or reducing meat can save a lot of recourses! Animal products require more water and resources overall.

5Switch to clean energy

Solar and wind power are just some of the incredible sustainable sources of energy. But if going solar isn’t an option for you, many energy providers have programs where you can purchase your electricity through clean alternatives.