Beauty transformation number eight is here! The newest addition to Cut Video’s 100 Years of Beauty videos is here and this time, it’s all about women out in Russia!

Although every “100 Years” video to date has illustrated how beauty trends fluctuate thanks to politics and societal changes within their country,  this latest episode shows just how drastically politics played a part in shaping Russian’s top beauty trends.

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Model Anya Zaytseva models the century of Russian beauty and how it’s transformed during the Cold War and other times of political unrest. For example, in the 1930s, Anya wears very little makeup because that was when the dictator Josef Stalin ruled. Then, there’s a bit more of a westernized look during the 90’s to correspond with the fall of the Soviet Union, as Allure explains.

With such a strong historic background and varied beauty looks throughout the century, this video turns out to be one of the most fascinating within the whole series.

Watch for yourself below:

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