Is there anything more frustrating than standing in front of the mirror alone, painfully torn between two dress options or eyeshadow shades with just moments left to spare before you have to run out the door for a night out? (There is, but this is at least in the top five, right?) Well, there’s style and beauty app called The Hunt which has at last delivered a solution for those moments when you simply can’t rope your boyfriend into weighing in yet again.

The Hunt was originally launched as a source for fashion lovers to track down where to buy pieces they love, but now it has expanded to include more community-based poll feature. Users (there are about 4 million of them) can upload photos of up to three looks they’re undecided on, specify the event they’re attending, and let other users vote on their favorites. It’s essentially the digital equivalent of modeling your closet for your girlfriends over wine, even though the other users are complete strangers.

The idea of someone voting on your photos may bring back memories of those dark days when Hot Or Not reigned supreme. But trust, The Hunt is a more positive (and non-creepy) atmosphere. Everyone on the app wants to help each other look their most fabulous — and since there’s no commenting allowed on the polls, it’s not like some nasty troll can weigh in.

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