Do you want to get all dolled up for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? Enjoy these 12 makeup looks inspired by Instagram users. Looks range from sweet and romantic to vixen and dramatic. Don’t worry about your race or completion either because there’s a look for everyone.  Take a look!

Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks Inspired By Instagram 

  • Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, why not wear it on your eyebrows? This cute look was created by Mermaidgreenhairgirl and is the perfect blend of pink and gold.
  • Try blending pink, yellow and orange over the eyes similar to this look inspired by Makeup-gone-glam
  • In the true spirit of Valentine’s Day, this look takes the cake. Check out the fun, flirty look of cupid’s arrow across the lips inspired by Makeupfanatic1.
  • For a bold vixen statement try using a copper hue with a hint of purple. Look inspired by Makeupfanatic1
  • If you’re feeling more blue than lovely, check out this “blue look” inspired by 3under2quest.
  • This sultry look will definitely captivate your partner. It’s a perfect blend of sweet shimmery pink. Look inspired by Jamiegenevieve.
  • Here’s a fun Valentine’s Day look with an attractive red theme carried through out. With red, black and white eyeliners, you can do wonders. This look was inspired by Beautybyrissa.
  • Loving this glowing gold glitter look inspired by Noemi_cee.
  • This one is a fav! It focuses all the attention on the lips for an almost unreal effect. Look inspired by Mayalewinsmakeup.
  • Let your lips do the talking with this red sugar look inspired by This Valentine’s candy statement will have your lips looking good enough to eat.
  • For a truly soft look, go with this lavender color. The look was inspired by

It’s Valentine’s Day meaning you probably don’t want to do the same old thing. Try something new and outside of the box. Your lover will love it!