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7 Love Tips for Introverts

Want to find "the one" but don't want to leave the house? Honor your introversion instead of trying to fight it.

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Summer is the best time to take it outside. Warm weather opens up a whole new realm of entertainment that can enhance your romance....

Keeping The Love Intense After Baby Is Born

There is something incredible about bringing a new life into the world that you and your partner created together. Babies are a blessing, but the reality is things...

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Green Little Monster: How To Spot The Jealous Type

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Relationship Communication

You communicate with everything from a smile to a nudge to the pitch of your voice, so it's crucial to be aware of the type of message you're sending.

Relationship Feedback

Positive, productive communication is vital to a romantic relationship, but it's not always easy.

5 Great Alternatives To Marriage Counseling

When your relationship is on the rocks, you often hear that you should go to couples therapy or marriage counseling. While these options are great, not everyone...

The Biology of Love

True love isn't just a feeling-it's a science, too! We'll explain the physical and biological changes that make love a chemical romance.

11 Reasons To Feel Good About A Break Up

Breaking up may be hard to do, but sometimes it's a blessing in disguise. Actually, most times it's for your own good. It may not...