Social distancing has taken a significant toll on all of us. Between the stresses of working from home, not being able to leave the house, and just being amid a global pandemic: it’s crucial to make time for self-love. We’ve had to create entirely new routines for ourselves, and although you may be stressed, self-love can alleviate some of that. So the next time you’re feeling extra stressed out, do one of these self-care practices:

Face mask

I mean, what doesn’t a face mask fix? With all the stresses of being quarantined, your skin might be taking a toll. Don’t worry- a face mask will do the trick. Take some time to yourself to relax and do some masking. Grab a multi-masking kit, like the nügg All Time Glow Face Mask Set, to spot treat your skin. The set includes 1 charcoal Double Detox face mask, 1 exfoliating Super Bright face mask, 1 hydrating Aqua Boost face mask, and 1 Total Refresh face mask.

The Indian Healing Clay Mask is made of 100% pure Bentonite Clay, which is popularly known for its skin purifying properties. When mixed with water and/or apple cider vinegar, the clay extracts skin impurities as it dries, reducing the appearance of blemishes, purifying pores, and exfoliating skin to reveal a softer, clarified complexion after each use.

Take a bath

Better yet, use bath bombs, bath salt, and some lovely candles and make a whole experience out of it. Taking a good bath can leave you feeling like a whole new person. Try the Baskin CBD Bath Bomb to infuse some extra relaxation into your bath or sprinkle in Sky Organics Epsom Salt to relax the muscles and rejuvenate skin.

Eat your favorite meal

Order takeout from your favorite restaurant or cook it for yourself. Sometimes, all we need to do to cheer ourselves up is to eat. Pour a nice glass of wine, put on a show, and enjoy your favorite meal.


A good book can take you away from your current situation and into a whole different world. And that’s what we all want right now, right? Make it part of your routine to read a chapter or two before bed every night.

Video chat with your friends

Just because you can’t be with your friends in real life doesn’t mean you can’t hang out virtually! Host a virtual happy hour with your friends every Friday and make your favorite cocktail. Dress up and play some music, and you’ll feel like you’re actually at a bar!

Go for a walk

Staying cooped up inside definitely takes a toll on our mental and physical health. Going for a walk gets your body moving and gives you fresh air. Put on your favorite podcast and go for a nice walk every day if you can.