If you are in quarantine with your family, you are spending more time with them than ever. Use this time to bond with your sibling. Here are five ways you can use the quarantine to your advantage and strengthen your relationship.

Play a Board Game Together

Doing activities together is a brilliant way to strengthen your bond. Board games can offer hours of fun and are a great activity you can do together. Find a board game you both enjoy and have a board game night. You can also play some music and allow yourself to relax and talk while you are playing the game.

Listen To Them

Listening is a superb way to get to know your sibling better and to understand how they are feeling. Make it a habit to listen to them when they are talking and to avoid interrupting them. They may have different opinions than you, but that is entirely normal. Listen to them, and you will be able to grasp better what they like and what is important to them. This will be crucial in your relationship as you will understand their actions better.

Find a Hobby You Both Like

Find something you both enjoy doing and make it your common hobby. You can try painting, dancing, book scrapping, or even playing video games together. Having something you can do together. You can also decide for a time you will do it each day. Doing activities together will help you get each other better and to bond of shared interests.

Watch a TV Show

You can spend time together by watching a tv show you both like. You can discuss it together and enjoy watching your favorite show. Alternatively, you can have a movie marathon and watch all of your favorite movies from your childhood. This will bring back great memories and remind you of happier times.

Talk Over Some Drinks or Coffee

Make it a habit to spend some time talking to your sibling. Talk to each other about your life and the problems you are facing and try to help them with their struggles. Talking openly about how you are feeling is a magnificent way to deepen your relationship and learn more about each other.