Everyone loves a good cuddle session. It’s not only fun and relaxing but did you know that cuddling actually has health benefits?! Whether you’re cuddling with your besties or your beau, these are six health benefits of cuddling:

Relieves stress

Cuddling releases oxytocin, aka the “cuddle hormone.” Cuddling up next to someone you love will make you feel instantly feel more calm and relaxed.

Helps you sleep

There’s a reason why you cuddle and fall asleep after having sex! The oxytocin that’s released from cuddling also helps you fall asleep. So if you’re finding yourself having a hard time falling asleep, a cuddle session might be the solution you need.

Promotes bonding

Having sex makes you feel more connected to your partner, and cuddling afterward can extend and heighten that connection. Keep the bond going past sex by cuddling with your partner in bed.

Boosts your immune system

Cuddling doesn’t just release oxytocin, it also releases serotonin! The increase in hormones from cuddling helps to fight infection.

Builds a strong connection

Cuddling with a loved one gives you the chance to be more honest with your partner in a way you wouldn’t otherwise. There’s no denying that cuddling is very personal, and it allows you to grow closer to your SO.

Improves heart health

If you still need more convincing that cuddling is good for you, studies have also shown that it improves your heart health. Cuddling can actually lower both your heart rate and blood pressure!