Being quarantined with your significant other sounds like a good idea… until the quarantine keeps getting extended, and now you haven’t seen anyone else in months.

No matter how much you love your partner, when you spend all your time with the same person, they’re bound to get on your nerves. Here are some ideas on how to keep your relationship sane when the only person you’re seeing is your SO:

Spend time alone

Just because you’re isolating with your partner doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking second with them. Build-in some time into your schedule for yourself. That can be reading alone in the morning, cooking dinner by yourself, or taking a relaxing bath. Both you and your partner must spend some time away from each other and by yourself.

Talk to your friends

You may not be able to hang out with your friends in real life, but you can still hang out with them virtually! Always make girl time a priority, even in quarantine. Video chat with your friends, do a virtual happy hour, or just keep in contact somehow.

Maintain a schedule

It might be hard to get into a routine when you can’t leave the house, but creating a schedule is crucial in keeping your relationship sane. Making and sticking with a schedule ensures you and your partner will get your alone time but also will have time to spend together. Making time for date nights is a great way to still be romantic, even in quarantine.

Work on your relationship

This might be a great time for you and your SO to work on your relationship and address any underlying problems. We all know communication is key to a successful relationship, and there’s no better time to work on communication than when you’re stuck inside with your partner all day. Use this time to better your relationship, in whatever aspects that may be.

Try new things

This is a weird time for us all, so it’s important to keep trying new things. Just because we’re quarantined doesn’t mean you can’t make life exciting. If all you’re doing all day is sitting inside, doing nothing with your SO, you’re going to get really bored really quickly. Spice things up by playing new games, redecorating your house, and just relearning each other! This is a great time to grow your relationship and make it more durable than ever.