We all know that cystic acne is the toughest to get rid of because hormonal issues mostly cause skin imbalance, which is why it can get tricky sometimes to find effective ways to treat cystic acne overnight. Luckily they are six incredibly effective ways to get rid of those painful and annoying bumps.

Apple cider vinegar

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of ACV make it incredibly effective against cystic pimples. It’s also an excellent gentle exfoliant to balance out your pH levels and helps heal any light acne scarring.

You can either dilute ACV with water and apply it on your face with a cotton pad, or apply directly on the pimples using a Q-tip and leave it overnight.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is effective on all kinds of acne. It helps treat any redness and inflammation and contains the best natural ingredients to fight any acne-causing bacteria.

It penetrates your skin deeply to help clean your pores and get rid of any blackheads, blemishes, and excess sebum. Simply dilute the oil in some water and apply it to the infected area. Apply every night for better results.


Honey is a natural antiseptic and antifungal. It helps soothe any inflammation and swelling while dealing with any bacteria on your skin, causing your acne to spread and get even more inflamed and painful.

You can either apply raw honey on your face every day as a natural mask, or you can combine it with tea tree oil for even better results.


Clay has some very beneficial ingredients against cystic acne. It’s efficient at absorbing any excess sebum, impurities, dirt and helps keep your skin soft and exfoliated. Using a clay mask a couple of times a week helps your skin heal faster and even fades scars more quickly. Brown clay is the best for cystic acne, but it’s best to avoid if you have dry skin.


The curcumin you find in turmeric is responsible for the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and even astringent properties. When you apply turmeric on cystic acne, it dries it out and drains out any pus and bacteria, resulting in a less inflamed and less painful pimple.

Turmeric is very safe to use almost every day for better results. You can even mix it with raw honey and make a natural mask.

Green tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants that help your skin flush away all toxins and allows for faster healing of your acne and scars. You can either drink a cup of green tea every day or use it on your face to reduce any redness, puffiness of inflammation.