Shoulder and upper back pain are increasingly prevalent nowadays. It’s considered to be mostly caused by bad postures, not sitting correctly, and always checking our phones, which we sadly all do.

Luckily there are some straightforward yoga moves to help relieve you of any pain around your shoulders and back.

Cat-Cow pose

The cat-cow pose helps warm up and stretch the entire spine for instant pain relief.

Begin in a tabletop position on your hands and knees.
On an inhale, slowly arch your back by tilting your head and tailbone up, lowering your belly and feeling a gentle stretch in your abdomen. Squeeze your shoulders together for an extra stretch.
On an exhale, round up your spine very slowly towards the sky, feeling a stretch around your neck and tailbone.
Repeat for eight breaths.

Thread the needle

This pose is perfect for your spine because it offers an intense stretch to both your shoulders and your back.

Start in a tabletop position.
As you inhale, lift one arm towards the sky, then slide it under your other arm, creating a deep twist on your back.
Exhale and lower your other hand on the mat and try to stretch as deep as you can without feeling any pain.

Child’s pose

This is a deeply calming and relaxing pose that also helps your spine open up and rest. Perfect after a yoga session or a workout.

Start in a tabletop position and bring your knees together.
Walk your hand away from you as your chest goes down and touches your knees.
Stay in that position for a few breaths and try to stretch your hands further for a better release.

Puppy pose

This pose helps a lot with any tightness around your chest and shoulders.

Start by sitting on your knees. Bring your hands and face forward. Bring your forehead down on the mat in front of you.
With your hips stacked together, arch your back slightly as you reach forward with your hands to warm up your spine and focus on your breath.

Supine twist

This pose relieves any tension around your hips and spine.

Lie down on your back while hugging your left leg towards your chest.
Reach your other arm on the floor, palm facing down.
Drag your left leg in the opposite direction, feeling a stretch on your back but keeping both your shoulders on the mat, stay for a few breaths and repeat for the right leg as well.