If you’re into skincare whatsoever, you probably know what a jade roller is. Jade rollers are all over social media, and people swear they make a big difference in your skin. They’re pretty, easy to use, and just overall make your skincare routine feel more complete.

But what actually are the benefits of jade rolling? Does it actually make a difference in your skin, or is it just another product that has been overhyped by social media? If you’re curious if a jade roller is something you should actually add into your skincare routine, these are the benefits:

Firms skin
It’s best to put your jade roller in the freezer before using it to maximize the results. Jade rolling tightens your pores, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces irritation. Overall, it gives your skin a firmer, younger look.

Do you keep waking up with super puffy under eyes? Easy, use a jade roller to de-puff. A jade roller comes with two sides: one for larger surfaces on your skin and one for smaller spaces, like under your eyes. Use the smaller end to gently massage under your eyes to de-puff the skin. For the best results, make sure the jade roller is cold!

Detoxifies the skin
Jade rolling is an excellent form of lymphatic drainage, a type of massage that encourages natural drainage of the lymph, reduces fluid buildup, and helps with puffiness. Your lymph nodes are located slightly behind your ears in your neck, so target that area with the jade roller.

Relaxes tension in the face
We often have a lot of tension in our faces because of jaw clenching or physical stress. A jade roller will help with that tension. Massage your jawline with the smaller end of the jade roller, and it will reduce the tension and stress in that area.

Increases collagen in the skin
Using a jade roller stimulates blood circulation and increases the collagen and elasticity in your skin. Increasing the production of collagen in your skin is very important. It helps with elasticity and hydration, and your body naturally produces less collagen with age.

Helps other products work better
Try using your jade roller with other skincare products to maximize their effect. After you wash your face with a facial cleanser, apply a facial oil or serum, and then use your jade roller to massage it in. It will help the product to better seep into your skin.