With 2014 behind us, it’s time to start finally breaking our worst beauty habits. According to a study released in the European Journal of Social Psychology, researchers surveyed 96 people over 12 weeks to figure out how long it takes to form a new habit. Their findings were that a new habit can be completely cemented into one’s life after only 66 days, sounds easy right? Inversely, it must take the same amount of time to break a habit.So if you stay committed over the next few weeks, it’s totally possible to eliminate the following bad beauty habits in the New Year, allowing for a new and improved you!1. Stop Popping PimplesThe temptation to pick, pop or squeeze any blemsh on your skin is almost unbearable for most of us. But with the risk of scarring, bleeding, infection or simply making the pimple much worse from your oily fingers, it’s just best to keep your hands away from your face. (If you insist, though, here is how to do it.) 2. Stop Sharing MakeupSharing makeup with your BFFs might seem like a friendly thing to do, but you’re doing more harm than good. Especially when sharing lip and eye products, you run the risk of some pretty painful infections (think styes or unsightly cold sores).3. Not Washing Makeup Off Before BedMaybe you had a glass of wine too many, and are feeling a little extra sleepy. It should be fine skip a little pre-bedtime face wash right? Wrong. Sleeping with face makeup such as foundation or heavy primers significantly clogs your pores, making them seem larger and leading to acne. It also denies your skin the ability to naturally rejuvenate itself, leading to dullness. Additionally, sleeping with mascara on can damage eyelashes, making them fragile and prone to breaking over night. Are these enough reasons to convince you not to sleep with your makeup on?4. Stop Biting Your Nails And Picking CuticlesConsidering your hands have touched every germ infested surface (door handles, railings, public bathrooms, etc.), that alone should you from putting your fingers anywhere near your mouth and face. Besides the spread of germs, it creates unsightly damage to your nails, so break the habit and not your nails! Bleeding cuticles are not a good look on anyone.5. Stop Exfoliating Too Much or Not At AllExfoliation is an amazing anti-aging tool for healthy glowing skin, mainly due to the fact that it sloughs away dead skin so new skin cells can shine through for a bright complexion. However, be careful not to over exfoliate because it can lead to excessive dryness, redness or irritation, not a good look!6. Stop skipping the SPFWe’re way past the ignorant times of not using SPF on a regular basis. With possibly fatal skin cancer, deep wrinkles, and sun spots at high risk, its time to make sure we all slather on the SPF each and every day!7. Stop Using Heat Products Every DayWith some flatirons going upwards of 400 degrees, your hair is not equipped to handle that kind of heat without protection. Even with the use of heat protectant sprays, hair can be significantly damaged from the high temperatures, leading to split ends and fly-aways. So give it a rest with the hot tools sometimes, OK?8. Stop SmokingWe’ve all been told that smoking is bad for your health, but if that won’t help you kick the habit, maybe the fact that it’ll ruin your skin, teeth, and nails will. Smoking denies the skin of much needed oxygen which helps keep it looking healthy and radiant. A lack of oxygen in the blood supply to your face creates premature fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, nicotine in cigarettes also stains teeth and nails, making your pearly whites not so white, and the tips of your fingers a unusual yellow color. So quit the cigarettes already!