Long, lazy days in the summer sun expose your hair to damage from bleaching and drying. The result is dull and faded color now and prematurely aging hair later. What, you didn’t know that your hair ages? Hair’s volume thins out over time, and sun damage speeds the process.

Once the outside cuticle is damaged and hair loses its protection, you’ll see a much faster loss of color, strength, and moisture.

The hair seasonal enemies list includes sun, wind, chlorination and salt water that weaken strands and gives them a brittle look. These break down the hair and reduce it’s shine and luster. The threat is greater for color-treated hair; sun damage is even more noticeable on locks that have been dyed. Chemical used in dyeing leave hair more sensitive to the sun’s effects and render hair more susceptible to losing moisture during the summer.

Your shade will fade, and bottle blondes will go brassy. Brunettes see an undesirable warmth.

The bottom line is that your hair needs its own brand of Sun Protection Factor, and its not the SPF used for your delicate skin. The ideas are similar, but the ingredients differ. Sunscreens for hair are infused with filters to block out the sun’s long UVA waves and the short UVB waves. Hair sunscreens aim to protect from bleaching and moisture loss.

Here’s how to shield your hair from the sun: Apply sunscreen to your roots and make sure to work it to the ends. Also apply a conditioner and throw your hair into a knot or try a bun at the nape of your neck. If the skin on your scalp tends to burn, apply SPF skin lotion to the hair’s part. Don’t forget to wear a hat.

If your hair already suffers from sun damage, check out treatments that you leave on overnight for maximum moisturization. Tuck your hair into a bun and sleep on it. Or even use a teaspoon of plain old coconut oil.

Finally, give your hair a break and step away from the hot irons, blow dryers and diffusers. Your hair is already dried out if you’ve spent a week at the beach. Give your moisturizing products a chance to work their magic and restore your hair’s lost moisture. Let your hair air dry.

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