Inspired by the land, natives and traditions of their homeland of South Africa, Craig and Julia Noik created African Botanics in August 2012. The creation of this beauty collection came from their love of Africa’s unique and powerful ecosystems—which are home to some of the most powerful and pampering skincare ingredients in the world. So they used African tribes’ rituals as the brand’s foundation—and Africa’s indigenous botanicals for the luxurious formulas. That means every product is filled with the true wonders of South Africa’s majestic floral kingdom and rich biodiversity. These exclusive African botanicals are also merged with fair-trade, wild-harvested Marula Oil that dramatically rejuvenates the skin and smoothes away stress while restoring balance.Watch the video below to learn their story, and browse African Botanics at our shopping site, BeautySage.African Botanics: Inside the Brand from BeautySage on Vimeo.