A single glass of wine (yes, we really mean just one) can make you look better! And it’s not due to “wine goggles”: in a study published in February 2015, facial attractiveness after moderate (not high) alcohol consumption was rated more highly by sober folks than that of sober individuals.

Researchers photographed 40 alcohol consumers three times: once sober, again after one drink, and a final photo after a second drink. The photos were then shown to a separate (sober) group that rated the attractiveness of participants in each image. The findings uncovered that people were at their most attractive after one drink, and their least attractive at two drinks or more.

Here’s a possible reason: Alcohol dilates pupils, brings forth a flushed complexion and relaxes facial muscles making people appear friendlier and more approachable. However, any more than one glass of wine leads to red cheeks (instead of rosy), and facial features that are relaxed to the point of an unnatural drag (which is why our faces look so distorted in all those regrettable late night Instagram).

Although these findings are definitely good news for those of us who like to indulge in a glass of wine every now and then (raises hand), it’s kind of a moot point when it comes to drinking with others who are drinking as well. Since people are usually sipping alcohol when out in bars or restaurants amongst other drinkers, we think that “wine goggles” will reign supreme.

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