Morgan recently teamed up with Tampax Pearl Active to help empower young female athletes and make sure they’re feeling confident in themselves, both on and off the field, no matter the time of the month. “It’s been great to work with Tampax and do a bunch of soccer clinics and see the younger girls so passionate about playing soccer at such a young age, and wanting to just learn,” she said. “They’re just such sponges, it’s really cool.” Which makes it even more critical that they have someone like Morgan, a powerful athlete and girly-girl who really embraces who she is and believes in herself, to look up to.

So does she ever get down on herself and forget about how cool and confident she is? Of course. “There are times when I’m not feeling confident or at my best,” Morgan said. Sports are a rollercoaster, she explained — some days you win, other days you lose. Some days you are playing your best, other days you’re just off. “So for me it’s important to express just how important that little word [confidence] can be to someone and just mentally how if you feel confident, if you believe in yourself, it could really take you so far.”

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The soccer star has also posed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit twice, which she said actually helped her feel more self-confident. “A big reason I did that is because I wanted to feel comfortable in my body. I know people say that’s easy for me to say, but it’s not,” she said. “Everyone has the flaws that stick out in their own mind — so do I. So it was important for me to go out there and feel confident by doing SI.”

When Morgan really wants to feel her best, she does what all of the rest of us do: play with makeup. She explained, “Me and my teammate Cindy Leroux are always trying new things; whenever we get a new beauty product we’re always sharing with each other.” Sometimes, Morgan said, when she’s traveling and has an afternoon off, she’ll relax in her hotel room and put on makeup and curl her hair — “just because I’m bored and I want to feel like a girl.” And then she’ll FaceTime with her husband to say hello.

On the field, Morgan tries to keep her makeup to a minimum, depending on if it’s a light training session or if she’s going to be on TV or doing interviews after. “Obviously every girl wants to feel her best, and for me, that’s with a little of mascara and a little bronzer,” she revealed. How refreshingly simple for an otherwise incredible athlete and role model.

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