The term elevated basics doesn’t strictly apply to clothes. Instead, you can invest in everyday cosmetics to refine your getting-ready routine. One brand to keep on your radar is Refy.

Refy, founded by Jess Hunt, brings a new approach to natural beauty.

They claim, “Innovation, simplicity, and inclusivity are at the heart of Refy. Whatever look you want to create, you can and this is what the brand stands for. All elements and shades of the versatile products have been meticulously designed to compliment all skin types and skin tones, allowing everyone to achieve professional makeup looks with ease.”

What to Shop
Face Primer ($34, shop here):

Are you looking to awaken and tone your skin in the morning? Now you can cut down your routine by massaging and applying skin prep in just one step. This primer features a unique roll-on applicator to sculpt and de-puff the face while prepping for makeup.

Refy describes this product as a skincare-makeup hybrid. They’ve formulated this product with Niacinamide to even the complexion and Glycerin to promote hydration. The Face Primer leaves the skin with a radiant glow and is safe for all skin tones and types.

This fragrance-free primer is easy and soothing to apply. First, you’ll want to squeeze a fair amount of product out and glide the applicator onto the face to sculpt. Once you’ve finished your sculpting session, wipe the roll-on, so it’s clean for the next use.

Lip Sculpt ($26, shop here):

You don’t need five different lip products to achieve the ideal everyday, neutral lip. Refy’s Lip Sculpt is another hybrid product that will define, set, and sculpt your pout. This lip liner will reduce the need for any other lip item, especially for those who are always on the go.

There is a match for every skin tone because Refy has formulated three shades of brown undertone liners and three pink undertone liners. The Lip Sculpt is creamy, buildable, and offers a comfortable matte finish. It also lasts up to 10 hours and smoothes out lip texture.

First, you’ll want to line your lips as desired and press them together to blend. Then, take the setting side, lightly apply, and let it dry for a lasting finish. You may add a gloss on top for dimension or leave it as is.

Brow Sculpt ($24, shop here):

Bushy and unmanageable brow hairs will be a thing of the past with Refy’s Brow Sculpt. This product will create a firm hold and lasting brows each day, so you’re out the door in seconds. Refy claims this is the ideal balance of wax and gel in one product.

The Brow Sculpt contains Carnauba Wax that allows brows to stay soft while maintaining hold. Other features of the Brow Sculpt include its water-resistant and flake-free formula, so the eyebrows don’t look drab throughout your day. It’s also Stage 1 of Refy’s 3 Stage brow process.

You can apply a small amount of product to the brows and comb it through with the Brow sculpt applicator. This allows you to shape your brows into place and pat them down for a long-lasting finish.