Nails provide a seamless canvas for expression, but sometimes manicures, enhancements, and lifestyle can affect their durability. Applying a nail strengthener can help revive brittle plates, so you’re ready for your next set!
What to Shop
OPI Nail Envy Original ($17.99, shop here):

What’s the first brand that pops your head when you think about nail care? For most, it’s OPI. Now you can revive and renew your nails at home with the OPI Nail Envy Original. In addition, chipped or weak nails will become a thing of the past thanks to this product’s nourishing nail components.

OPI has formulated the Nail Envy with Hydrolysed Wheat Protein to create a hardened barrier for weak nails. This product will act as a shield to protect brittle, damaged, and splitting plates. The Original formula applies clear and offers extra shine for a “your nails but better” finish.

You can grow your nails seamlessly with calcium and protein for flawless nail beds. OPI suggests applying this product to clean and dry nails and adding one extra coat every other day. Then, remove the strengthener after one week to start from the beginning.

You can shop Nail Envy in the original formula or OPI’s most iconic colors.

Essie Hard To Resist Nail Strengthener ($8.99, shop here):

Essie is known for its quirky and exuberant colors, but they also help your nails when they need them the most. One product to try is the Essie Hard To Resist Nail Strengthener, available in two shades. This product is also known as the Glow & Shine, with the pink bottle being a dupe for Dior’s Nail Glow.

The Shade Clear Natural Tint will add a shiny and blushed effect to your nails while creating a solid barrier. It will instantly coat the nail with strengthening components and be free of harsh sensitizing agents like formaldehyde. Glow & Shine is ideal for protecting against daily wear.

The best way to apply Hard To Resist is by layering two coats of this product onto dry and clean nails. Essie recommends wearing the strengthener for three days to notice a difference. Then, you can remove the product and reapply.

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab ($9.79-11.99, shop here):

Do your nails need some TLC? Sally Hansen has created the ultimate nail-saving formula. This product will come in handy regardless of your nail’s state. It can heal trauma from enhancements, save brittle beds, and provide a rejuvenating barrier to your natural plates.

The Nail Rehab is formulated with nutritional components like Rose, Vitamin E, and Jasmine. Also, it provides a smooth and clean canvas thanks to this product’s ability to level out bumps and ridges. You’ll notice a healthier shiner finish with each Sally Hansen’s Nail Rehab application.

In addition, this strengthener is simple to apply. Sally Hansen recommends using 1-2 coats on your natural nails. The Nail Rehab can be worn alone and is best added to clean and dry nail beds. However, you can also wear this product under your chosen nail color.

Also, reapply nail rehab when necessary and remove all of the product after seven days.