What is your go-to nail service? It can often feel intimidating to enter a salon and choose between nail enhancements like gel, acrylic, dip, or shellac. Also, salon pricing can be considered a luxury for just a simple design.

The pandemic gave birth to new creatives looking to do their nails at home, and many are choosing the Gel-X system. This nail enhancement includes a no-glue method to achieve seamless nail extensions with every application.

What Are Gel-X Nails?
When you first Google Gel-X, one of the first brands that will pop up is Apres. However, you can choose from an array of nail companies to start your Gel-X journey.

According to Apres, “Gel-X is the world’s first soft gel nail extension system! Fast and easy to apply. Gel-X tips and Extend Gel are manufactured from cutting edge soft gel formulas for convenient soak-off capabilities. No filing needed, no dust, no odor, and no damage to the natural nails!”
Can You Apply Gel-X At Home?
Gel-X offers a professional way to do your nails at home. Most Gel-X nail brands provide a starter kit, including essential tools needed for this enhancement. In addition, they include soft gel tips to ensure you spend less time filing, sculpting, or shaping the nails.

A Gel-X system can be stored away for convenience and fit anywhere in your home. However, you can seek this service at the salon from Gel-X professionals for those who avoid doing nails at home.

What Are The Special Tools Needed For Gel-X?
One thing Gel-X has in common with other nail services is that it needs to be cured with a nail lamp. Because this is a glueless service, you’ll need to Extend gel to secure your soft gel tip to your natural nails. Another helpful item includes a flash cure lamp that quickly solidifies your extensions into place without completely curing the nails.
Most brands offer a complete kit for all your Gel-X needs.
How To Apply Gel Nails
The most crucial step of any nail service is nail prep. Without prepping the nails, you will find your Gel-X extensions popping off your nails fast. In addition, the application of Gel-X extensions may vary by brand, so it’s wise to follow your manufacturer’s directions.
Nail prep is essential to making Gel-X extensions last for 2-3 weeks. Here, you can tend to your cuticles, prime and dehydrate the nails, and shape your natural plates to your desire. All these steps will provide the ideal base for your Gel-X extension to adhere to.
Extend Gel
Gel-X systems don’t use glue to secure extensions. Instead, they have Extend Gel, similar to a thick base coat that will be applied to the nails and the back of the extension for a long-lasting effect. Check with your brand to see whether your extensions must be etched first.
Prep & Apply Tips
What is etching? Etching the tips often requires using a file or nail drill to rough the base of your Gel-X extension. It also promotes better adhesion. Once the nails are etched, you can add the Extend Gel to the nails and tips.

Most brands recommend applying the tips at a 45-degree angle to achieve a straight and seamless result.
Once you lay down one tip, you’ll want to flash cure it with your mini nail lamp. Then, you can repeat the process on the rest of your hands. After the hand is complete, cure your entire set into a regular nail lamp.
Finish Your Mani
After the tips are cured, you can have fun with the rest of your manicures. You can apply any color to the nails, including nail art and design.

Gel-X Vs. Other Services
While Gel-X requires multiple tools to achieve a professional set, it provides a convenient way to do nails at home. In addition, it can save time by providing ready-made tips and a glueless application to keep your natural nails as healthy as possible.
Consult A Nail Tech
You may always consult a nail tech for any questions or inquiries regarding Gel-X systems. Will you be trying this newer nail enhancement?