With age comes honor—and the gift of confidence that allows you to walk out of your house sans makeup and not feel like the whole world is staring at you!But just in case you haven’t gotten to this state of security (don’t worry—eventually you will!), here are some tried and true makeup tips that should help keep your birth year hush, hush.Less is moreAs things start to droop, swoop and loop, makeup travels those same wrinkly roads. So, keep it simple. Mute redness and even out sun-damaged skin by spreading a green-based primer all over. I love Make Up For Ever High Definition Primer in Green. It also works wonders on the tops of your hands—which tend to be a dead giveaway for age.MORE: Start Looking & Feeling Younger TodayCan’t give up the thought of more coverage? A light wash of foundation over top will be just fine. But avoid powder outside of the T-zone. Those other areas aren’t as firm and powder does tend to settle in fine lines.Brighten upA radiant flush has always been a sign of health—as shown in just about any oil painting at the Met. Bring life to your face with a little color and you’ll appear more vibrant and youthful. Swipe a cream blush over the apples of your cheeks in a circular pattern. Make sure your color gradually goes from deepest in the center, and fades out to nothing around the edges. Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera looks great on many skin colors.QUIZ: How Old Do You Look?Lift, lift, lift!If the eyes are the windows to your soul, then they will probably be the first to give away your age. So keep the world guessing by perking up your peepers.I love to use an upward flick at the tail-end of any eye line. An easy-to-use, felt-tip eyeliner is a sure fire way to get a quick, straight line. I am currently obsessed with Maybelline Line Stiletto. It’s firm, tapered tip will help you obtain the line. If you find it tricky to use liquids, or your upper lash lines yield a wobbly line, pick up any liner you feel comfortable with.Then, using something with a straight edge (like a business card or piece of paper) angle the edge up toward your temple and use it as a guide to get that flick. A cotton swab loaded with makeup remover can further perfect wonky lines.MORE: De-Age Your Hands