Imagine your skintone were assigned a number that could easily be translated across international divides with spot-on accuracy. Just think what that could do for the often arduous trial-and-error process of picking the right foundation shade alone!That fantasy is close to becoming reality, thanks to a massive undertaking by Brazilian-born artist, Angélica Dass to record and catalog every human skintone possible.QUIZ: Is Your Skin The Healthiest It Can Be?First she takes a shot of the subject then creates an 11×11 pixel color swatch from the image and matches it to one of the alphanumerically coded hues in Pantone’s international database of shades. From there, that Pantone tone is used as the background of the portrait. The images are then arranged to form a mosaic-like tapestry of humanity for her project that is appropriately titled, “Humanae.” (See all the amazing colors here – from very dark to the lightest light!)“The inspiration for this project comes from my family roots,” Dass tells YouBeauty, explaining that “as a granddaughter of a ‘black’ and a ‘native’ Brazilian and daughter of a ‘black’ father adopted by a ‘white’ family, I am a diverse mixture of pigments.”MORE: The Truth About Sun Protection And Ethnic Skin“For me, this project is kind of like a game intended to subvert social codes,” says Dass, who studied fashion design in Rio de Janeiro, and earned a Master’s degree at in Fashion Journalism at Madrid’s Universidad Nacional de Educación a Disancia (UNED).“No one who participated is a professional model. These are people who approached my project and decided to participate on their own,” explains Dass.Raising funds is the next order of business to allow Dass to explore subjects in cities and countries outside of Spain, she says. “I know it’s ambitious, but I’m looking for support so I can catalog more people of different ages, nationalities, genders, social classes, and of course—colors.”Perhaps the folks at Pantone may be interested in this one?