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5 Steps to Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade

If you wear foundation, or any other variation of face makeup, there’s a very good chance you’re wearing the wrong shade. While yes, you...

We Tried It: Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick

This creamy, hydrating lipstick comes in a shade to complement a variety of skintones.

Emoji Expands Toward Racial Diversity

UnicodeScore one for racial diversity! Emojis will finally represent everyone — not just white men, brunettes, and that one Indian guy. The shorthand images,...

The Most Flattering Blush Shade for Every Skintone

Photos and illustration by Valerie Fischel

How to Rock Neon Makeup

Use color theory to make impossibly bright colors work for you.

Futuristic Foundation: What Will Skintones Be in 2020?

To expand its truBLEND liquid foundation line, Cover Girl turned to U.S. Census data to develop new foundation shades to better reflect our future, more diverse population.

The Best Bright Blush for Your Skintone

Swiping on some bright blush is a great way to add some life to your face (truly, nothing wakes up a tired complexion quicker)....

Nude Bras by Skintone

When you’re wearing a light-colored T-shirt, tank or other fitted spring top, a nude bra is as important a seasonal necessity as a fresh...

Nude Shoes for Every Skin Tone

Sure, you can spend your days fretting about your ample calves or the fact that you’re vertically challenged and wishing you had long, lean...