Anti-Sun-Damage Products for Sensitive Skin


1RoC Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night Cream, $22.99

Retinol is often too irritating for sensitive skin types, but this formula uses a gentler percentage that still produces results sans the redness, flaking or dryness usually associated with the super potent anti-aging ingredient.


2Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel, $99.50

A gentler alternative to a chemical peel, the mucor miehei mushroom enzyme in this formula mimics the activity of exfoliating enzymes produced naturally in the skin for a brighter complexion. Each bottle contains the equivalent of 12 peel treatments.


3Burt’s Bees Sensitive Eye Cream, $14.99

The fine lines that creep into crow’s feet after prolonged sun exposure are soothed via cotton extract, rice extract and aloe in a fragrance-free formula that instantly plumps up the delicate skin around the eyes with moisture.


4Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Complex, $55 (available October 2011)


Stem cells from the edelweiss plant claim to correct photoaging, while coneflower stimulates cell renewal and pennywort improves elasticity. Stem cells contain at least 1,000 times more antioxidant concentration than plant extracts found in nature. Use the liquid to intensely target age spots and wrinkles.


5Lancôme Bright Expert, $65

Yeast extract encourages skin cells to naturally “turn on” and speed up the pigmentation healing process so that harsh ingredients need not be used to lighten spots. Salicylic acid gently enhances the brightening process.