Problematic skin and acne can cause us to feel insecure about ourselves. Even though a good skincare routine can help us immensely to deal with the problems we face when it comes to our skin, our diet plays a massive part in the solution. To have healthy skin, you need to lead a healthy life and maintain a proper diet. These are some of the foods you should absolutely avoid.

Caffeine is not often talked about when it comes to acne or breakouts. However, it can affect the appearance of the skin.

Instead of drinking coffee, replace it with something healthier, like a cup of tea or just water. If you can’t imagine living without a cup of coffee, make sure you are not drinking it more than once per day and make sure you don’t consume it on an empty stomach.

We have a gene in our bodies, that rapidly breaks down caffeine into enzymes, which are then metabolized in our liver. However, some of us are slower in metabolizing the coffee we drink, as we lack enzymes, which are in charge of breaking the coffee down. This will cause the body to overwork itself to metabolize the coffee. It will strip you of vitamin B, magnesium, and a lot of other micronutrients that are important for a healthy body and skin.

Dairy includes hormones, which trigger our pores to create more sebum, and this increases androgen. And when we have unbalanced levels of androgen and estrogen, PMS symptoms occur. As dairy can cause disbalance in hormones, which leads to acne, you can try avoiding it. There are many alternatives to dairy, which will allow you to enjoy your favorite recipes without the fear of how they will affect your skin and overall body.

When we have too much estrogen because of the dairy products, we can bring it down by eating vegetables. Try to put effort into cooking your own food, since when you eat out, you don’t have control over your nutrient balance.

Sugar and Carbs
We often get cravings for sugar or carbs, and it is hard to resist them. The reason we get cravings is that we are not giving our body the nutrients it needs to keep running throughout that period. When you are starving yourself or not consuming the right nutrients, your body is signaling you to consume sugar, which in reality, isn’t what you need. When you eat sugars and carbs, you are causing the insulin to rise in your body, which then causes inflammation and triggers breakouts.