With January a few weeks away, most of us are already thinking about how to start the new year successfully. Just as it is with any successful ventures in life, you’ll need to prepare for your goals if you wish to achieve them! Veteran or newbie to the dry January concept? We compiled our top tips that will prove more than useful to you as you prepare for a no drinking during dry January!

Ditch your current stash
To achieve a successful dry January, you will need to make a personal resolve to ditch your stash of alcoholic beverages. The more they lay around within your reach, the easier it is for you to forfeit your goals at the slightest temptation. If you cannot bear the thought of letting go of that expensive bottle of alcohol, you should consider giving it away, preferably before the new year. Someone will thank you!

Learn to say no
We are heading into a new year, and for the better part of January, we will be in high celebratory spirits. That means you’re going to get invites to various celebrations. Make up your mind beforehand that you will be saying no to alcohol. Mentally prepare for yourself an option that is not alcohol.

Seek healthy alternatives
Water and more water. When you do decide to say no to alcohol, you may feel the need to fill that space with something else. If water is too boring when you’re out, order yourself some fun mocktails!

Reward yourself
Creating a reward system has seen people achieving impressive feats as far as caring for one’s health is concerned. Cutting booze will save you some money, so why not use the money to make yourself feel awesome when you achieve set milestones? Obviously, the reward can’t be drinks! Treat yourself to a massage or a spa day.

Get people to join
The more, the merrier! Setting this as a challenge for a group of friends can make it even more fun a feat to achieve.

Kick-off your year on an impressive note by successfully completing your dry January campaign. Who knows, you may carry on through the year without consuming alcohol!