Body image anxiety has robbed way too many people from the ability to be present and actually enjoy sex. Physical perfection gets praised on social media, and plastic surgery is a billion-dollar business. It’s easy to feel absorbed with doubt and unappreciative of your natural body.

It’s okay to have certain reservations about parts of your body. Even the airbrushed models advertisers shove in your face have their own uncertainties. However, it would help if you didn’t let how you see yourself affect you from being intimate with someone, and we want to equip you with some tips to ensure you’re feeling your best in bed.

Words of affirmation
Your minor flaws are the flavors of your appearance! Rather than shun them, try to embrace them. Words of affirmation run deep as they’re a reminder of how you want to be seen. You can ask your partner to give you comments during sex if that will take the edge off. You can also say them to yourself every day just to remind yourself of the perfection in your imperfections. That’s your spice, so flaunt it!

Spicing things up can make you forget about your flaws since you’re too busy being someone else. Ask your partner what they may be comfortable with, and both of you can give it a try. Not only will it make you worry less about your appearance, but it’ll also be fun, and the sex may be explosive.

Fix it in a constructive way
If you’re overly conscious about something on your body, like a birthmark or a scar, you can enlist the help of a professional to see what your options are to minimize it. This is ONLY if you’ve spent years wasting your time worrying about that thing. There’s no reason for you to suffer from something that’s negatively impacting you. But it would help if you tried working with a professional toward attempting to accept it first.

Body image anxiety is like a plague that affects both women than men. It can deprive either party of unlocking their most authentic potentials due to self-doubt. It can also rob you of a fantastic time in the bedroom! Try the steps above so you can keep from worrying about your body during intimacy. Because let’s face it, sexual deprivation isn’t something to look forward to in a relationship