Many an American girl dreams of being left to her own devices in a French pharmacy, where she’d be free to snatch up lotions, potions and other beauty products to her heart’s content. While we have yet to see the invention of US-to-France Ruby Red Slippers, we do have the internet, and that’s almost as good, because now we can order most beloved Parisian products from the comfort of our laptops. Fans of French beauty especially marvel at the country’s heavy attention to quality skincare, and the minimal makeup looks that taking good caring of one’s skin enables. If you’re not ready to book a flight across the Atlantic just yet, try a few of these beloved skincare products to get the radiant French look right here at home.

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1Rose Regenerating Serum, $48

Regenerating Serum
Le Couvent des Minimes

This rich serum combines the ingredients of four types of roses to give your skin a pick-me-up. //Le Couvent des Minimes

2Purifying Mask, $39


This mask from beloved brand Caudalie rejuvenates skin with the help of natural plant ingredients. //Caudalie

3Dry Shampoo, $20

Klorane Dry Shampoo

Klorane’s legendary dry shampoo is thought to be one of the best on the market. No matter how many brands follow suit on the trend, nobody does dry shampoo like the French. //Klorane

4Huile Prodigieuse Mutli-Purpose Dry Oil, $29

Nuxe dry oil

Nuxe dry oil brings new life to tired skin and hair and is also available in seasonal, shimmery and perfumed editions//Nuxe

5Revive French Plum Oil, $32

Lea Journo Plum Oil
Lea Journo

Lea Journo is the only American hair company to get its hands on French Plum Oil, an ingredient specially cold pressed in the South of France. This magical potion adds unmatched shine and vibrance to hair! //Lea Journo

6Thermal Spring Water, $10

La Roche-Posay Spring Water
La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay has long been at the head of the thermal water trend, and a spritz from the brand’s water will leave you feeling like a new woman! //La Roche-Posay

7Cleansing Foam, $20

Eau Thermale Avene
Eau Thermale Avene

This gentle cleanser earns rave reviews on the regular, and its foamy consistency is positively refreshing. 

8Pink Clay Mask, $25

Cattier Pink Clay Mask

Take your face on a mini vacation with this relaxing pink clay mask. //Cattier

9Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm, $19

Nuxe Lip Balm

This luxe lip balm is the kind of rich, thick moisturizer that can transform your lips overnight. //Nuxe

10Lait-Creme Concentrate, $28

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate

This clamored-after cream primes, moisturizes, and removes makeup (side effects include glowing like a goddess for several hours after application). //Embryolisse

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