The world of Japanese cosmetics features a treasure trove of hidden gems and brilliant products that beauty hoarders can only dream of. The most exciting part is combing through the vast range of products out there, but it’s also the most intimidating. Where’s a girl to start? What if you don’t have the luxury of time to find favorites through trial and error?

Luckily for us, RAEview, trusty beauty pro and star of YouTube show “Everyday Luxe” on Michelle Phan’s ICON Network, is here to light the way. She provided us with expert insight on South Korean beauty a few weeks ago, and now in this video exclusively available to YouBeauty readers ahead of its premiere tomorrow, she recommends some Rae-approved beauty products exclusively from Japan! Take a peek, and browse through her suggestions below!


1Honeyce Damage Hair Repair Mask

Honeyce Damage Hair Repair Mask


Honeyce, $15.59 (More info available here)

2Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet False Eyelashes

Dolly Wink, $13.88 (More info available here)

3D.U.P. Eyelashes Glue

D.U.P., $13.99

4Lashionista Endless Length Mascara

Maybelline Asia

5Maquillage Liquid Rouge Lip Gloss

Shiseido (available via Amazon)

6Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Shu Uemura, $20

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