It’s simply understood that French women know something about beauty that the rest of the world doesn’t. There’s a whole vocabulary built around it – chic, je ne sais quoi – and the rest of us have had to do our best to keep up. Until now, thanks to Mathilde Thomas, founder of 20-year-old natural beauty brand Caudalíe, who is revealing her native land’s secrets in her new book The French Beauty Solution.

After growing the Caudalie empire in France, Thomas and her family moved stateside (leaving behind the family vineyard where their antioxidant grapes inspire the Vinotherapie skincare) to bring the brand to the U.S. Thomas gathered her insights on effortless French beauty into the new book, adding in the meticulous advice you’d expect from someone who’s created a multi-national beauty brand. One of our favorite tips: to firm skin and start your day with an energy boost, end your shower with a burst of cold water.

Thomas goes beyond spilling secrets and shares the overall philosophy that makes the French attitude towards beauty light and healthy. Unlike the French, American women have been taught that beauty is pain. Americans are about the “quick fix,” she says, and we aren’t surprised when our routines to consist of expensive, unhealthy, or physically painful procedures and products. Thomas say, “One of the main purposes of the book is for American women to understand their beauty routine is something to give you pleasure. When you feel good, you always look good. And a glass of red wine with your dinner everyday is always helpful!” A glass of wine, some cheese, and a purifying mask? Sounds like the perfect French evening to us.

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