What it is: Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream, $155What it does: Makes the skin look all-around young and juicy by improving firmess, tackling brown spots and deeply hydrating.Why it works: Fans of the original Premier Cru (us included!) may not believe that they could improve upon the anti-aging, skin-smoothing formula, but the scientists at Caudalie have been busy bees and have since patented six new ingredients to add to the beloved cream.The real standout is their version of resveratrol (called Resveratrol-Oleyl), a molecule extracted from the grapevine stalks of their very own vineyards. (Sorry, but that is so chic.) This version of resveratrol is shown to stimulate collagen and elastin, the building blocks of young, firm skin, in a similar manner as retinol but without the redness and irritation that usually comes along for the retinol ride. Internal tests found that the ingredient doubled skin thickness in as little as six days. For pesky brown spots, a molecule extracted from the vine’s sap helps fade them over time by targeting excess melanin.The brand also launched an accompanying eye cream with 10 percent reflective mica to brighten dark circles in the short term while the ingredients work to tighten in the long term.Why You Care: Thirty-seven percent of women have dark patches of skin on their face, according to the 45,000 women who have taken our Healthy Skin Quiz. This’ll help correct that.MORE: Your Guide to Fading Stubborn Spots