If your budget or schedule won’t allow for a beach vacation, fret not. With the help of the right scents, you can transport yourself to sweet ocean air anytime you want! There’s something so carefree and sexy about smelling like a beach vacation, so pretend you’re on the shore any time of year with these tropics-inspired products at every price point.

1Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray, $24

Captain Blankenship Spray
Captain Blankenship


This beloved spray gives your hair that wind-tousled mermaid vibe and smells like the ocean!

2Atelier Cologne in Orange Sanguine, $70-$180

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine
Atelier Cologne



Dab this on for a scent of orange blossom and instant reminders of orange groves and sunny shores.

3Hask Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Shine Hair Oil, $5.99

Hask Monoi Oil


Monoi oil is an irresistible blend made by soaking Tahitian gardenias (also known as tiaré flowers) in coconut oil. It leaves you hair lightweight and frizz-free, and leaves you dreaming of the Pacific.

4Simple Sugars Scrub in Coconut, $11.35 – $16.95

Simple Sugars Scrub
Simple Sugars


This all-natural scrub is an invigorating little luxury all on its own — add in the smell of coconut, and you’ve got yourself a beach vacation in a jar.

5John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray, $9.99

John Frieda Beach Blonde Spray
John Frieda


Your favorite 2003 staple is back! John Frieda’s Beach Blonde line has returned to shelves, and a few spritzes take you straight to a sandy afternoon in the sun.

6Olivine Amongst The Waves Perfume, $80

Olivine Amongst The Waves Perfume


This vegan, cruelty-free perfume was inspired by the shores of Hanalei, Hawaii, and its scent is the full package of oceanside fun — the coconut oil, the tropical flowers, the crisp waves, and the warm breeze — all in one.

7Dove Go Fresh Body Wash in Mandarin & Tiare, $5.49

Dove Go Fresh


During your next shower or bubble bath, get lost in this sweet orange scent and think of tropical shores.

8Demeter Suntan Lotion Cologne Spray, $2.50 – $25

Demeter Suntan Lotion Perfume


The smell of sunscreen immediately makes me nostalgic. If you’re the same way, bottle it up (without all the streaking and greasiness of the real thing) and wear it even in the dead of winter!

9Kate Spade Live Colorfully Perfume, $24-95

Kate Spade Live Colorfully Perfume
Kate Spade




This playful, tropical perfume blends the scent of mandarin, Tahitian gardenia, coconut water, and other florals to inspire you to live as if you’re always on vacation. (Luckily for perfume addicts, an exclusive Live Colorfully gift set is available at a discount as part of Nordstrom’s beloved annual Anniversary Sale. Find it from July 17 – August 2 both in stores and online.)

10Escada Turquoise Summer, $20 – $77

Escada Turquoise Summer Perfume



Escada is pro at making summery scents that can be worn fabulously in both the office and on vacation, and Turquoise Summer is their latest testament to that fact. This light, sweet scent will remind you of sunny days spent in a cabana.

11Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil, $53

Frangipani Monoi Body Oil
Elemis Spa At Home



This lush coconut-scented oil will keep your hair and body feeling like you’ve just spent an afternoon basking in the sun.

12Tree Hut Sugar Scrub in Coconut Lime, $6.49

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub
Tree Hut


Dream of the tropics while you exfoliate!