If you’ve ever had a few cocktails and tried to touch up your lipstick with questionable results, this new webseries combing booze and beauty are for you: Comedians Anna Roisman, Claire Downs, and Caroline Cotter have turned their fascination with both drinking and beauty tutorials into the hilarious “Beauty Shots.”

Each episode is a “Drunk History”-style foray into beauty adventures from contouring, to piercing (!) to the celebrity makeover. The premise is simple: the ladies have a few drinks, whip out their makeup kits, and teach us all how to look beautiful (sort of). Roisman told YouBeauty:

“We do our best to meet the episode goal (for example ‘the smokey eye’) but because we’re drunk, we tend to go a little above and beyond what the regular tutorial might offer.  The series is not scripted at all, in fact we’re just as surprised as our audience is when we watch the footage!”

Like any good drunken night, these women are rife with boozy wisdom: “That’s the rule of makeup: if you do one side you make the other side even.” Check out the full series at BeautyShots.tv and watch the first episode below:

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