Where do retailers go to find the next big things in beauty, from the far corners of the globe? Straight to Sin City. Each July, the beauty world converges in Las Vegas at Cosmoprof, the largest beauty trade show in the United States.Our sister site, BeautySage, was there in full force, teaming up with Discover Beauty—a section of Cosmoprof featuring emerging brands—to find the most exciting, effective products in the beauty and wellness world right now. They dug into the science behind the over 20 brands, looking at the ingredients and analyzing the claims, and selected three to join the site.Here are the three winners—you’ll find them on BeautySage very soon!Marula – The Leakey Collection: Hot New Beauty OilMarula Oil is being touted as the next big beauty oil, and you get nothing but the very best with The Leakey Collection. They’ve done the work in the sourcing, obtaining oil from hand-selected, hand-cut marula nuts in Eastern Africa, and they’ve also done the work in the lab. “Marula Oil has been clinically tested to contain 16 percent more antioxidants than Argan or Grapeseed,” says the brand’s General Manager Cynthia Beesemyer. “In addition Marula Oil contains higher levels of Oleic, Palmitic and Stearic fatty acids critical for rapid skin absorbency, skin hydration and moisture retention.”Recipe for Men: Simple, Effective Men’s SkincareThis slick Swedish line takes a solutions approach: The ingredients and formulations are designed to solve a man’s daily skincare problems. It’s a simple concept, but the science behind the brand is anything but simple: Their Director of Research, a former scientist and a 20+ year veteran of the skincare industry, works intensively on every product formulation, before it’s presented to a dedicated focus group to ensure they see the results. This process can take a while, like their award-winning, best-selling deodorant, which was over 2 years in the making!Fairiche: Anti-Aging Hero“Over the past 3 years I have worked with the best scientists and chemists to create the perfect combination of skin brightening and anti-aging,” says brand founder Vicki Nguyen. The result is an advanced skincare line that addresses all signs of aging in a single skincare system. Formulated with natural skin lightening extracts, Vitamin C, antioxidants and powerful anti-aging peptides, this line has an ingredient to combat each of the 6 most noticeable signs of aging.