When it comes to learning the ins and outs of a complicated look, beauty videos are our holy grail. Check out the latest DIY tutorials from all our favorite YouTube beauty gurus.“My Everyday Fall Makeup Routine” by missglamorazziFor a fabulous fall look, follow YouTuber Miss Glamorazzi (AKA Ingrid Nilsen)’s simple steps as she transforms complex looks into an effortless routine that even the most makeup-challenged viewers can follow.“Fall Makeup Tutorial: Brown Smokey Eye” by Sona GasparianMaster the art of a sultry, seductive eye with these easy-to-follow steps. (Is it just us or does she kinda look like Kim Kardashian?)“How to Grow Longer Hair Faster” by Luxy HairNo, you don’t need to join the Hair Club For Men. Luxy Hair is a go-to for hairstyle tutorials but also healthy hair tips.“Victoria’s Secret Hair Tutorial (With Velcro Rollers)” by daceyhapaWho isn’t coveting those bouncy Angel waves? Expert tips and a thorough explanation make this DIY video perfect for us girls dying to create Gisele Bundchen-like waves in a soft, yet sexy style.“Chicago Haul Pt. 1: Beauty & Candles” by Fleur DeForceYup, a haul video. For a roundup of the best products currently available for us beauty-obsessed ladies, a detailed haul video is jam packed with this expert’s favorite finds.“My Updated Eyebrow Routine! 2014”by BeyondBeautyStarOh, you better believe that eyebrows have their own “routine” now. With major celebs like Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins sporting beautiful, bold brows, women everywhere have opted for creating their own fierce face framers. These helpful hints will have you shaping, filling and grooming your brows all the way to Brooke Shields’ status.