I have always used wipes (the ones from Burt’s Bees are the best, in my opinion) to remove my makeup, but I was willing to try something new. That’s when Benefit’s They’re Real! eye makeup remover showed up. I’m not a total convert, but I appreciate how gentle it is on my sensitive eys.Product: Benefit’s They’re Real! Eye Makeup RemoverPrice: $18We Think:  


How To Use It: They’re Real! eye makeup remover comes in a sunscreen-sized tube, so you can squeeze as much product as you need on a cotton ball or tissue. Benefit claims the remover was “specifically formulated” to remove two of their eye makeup products — a mascara and an eyeliner — but I used it to remove any brand of makeup, anywhere on my face (but particularly the eyes). A dime-sized amount of product was usually enough to take off eyes only/light makeup, while a quarter-sized amount could take off a full face of makeup. Wipe, don’t scrub!Results: I had mixed feelings about They’re Real! remover. As a woman with sensitive eyes (contact lenses plus generally persnickety skin), I appreciated that this gentle, lotion-like product didn’t irritate my peepers at all. I’ve had trouble in the past with eye makeup removers making my eyes STING, so Benefit definitely gets credit for comfort. Plus, They’re Real! removed my eye makeup as promised and worked on face makeup as well. There’s no issues with the effectiveness of the product.My problem was a lingering greasiness that didn’t make me feel fresh and clean after removing my makeup, similar to the way that my Burt’s Bees wipes do. When I use a makeup remover, I want it to feel as if it’s taking gunk off my skin, not putting more on my skin. Despite having a lightweight consistency, I worried after using They’re Real! after removing my contacts before bed that I’d go lie on my pillow with a greasy face. For $18 a tube, that’s not a problem I want to grapple with every night.I received Benefit’s They’re Real! eye makeup remover as a sample, but I won’t be purchasing it myself in the future.