In The Buff: Top 10 Body Scrubs

Perfect for chocoholics and beauty fanatics alike, Shea Terra’s decadent “brownie-batter-like” scrub delivers an anti-aging treat, with a mix of pure cacao, organic sugar and vanilla. And its benefits are more than skin deep: Shea Terra uses indigenous African ingredients and pays women fair trade wages for their work and resources.

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This rich, cream-based scrub is a treat for dry skin types because it exfoliations without any irritating abrasion. Orange zest, lychee stone extract and walnut shell powder are tempered by almond and orange flower. Coconut oil protects and replenishes the skin barrier.

We’re suckers for this bubble gum-pink tube that smells as sweet as it looks. The clay formula encapsulates pumice, fig seed powder and vitamins A, C and E for a thorough scrub that leaves skin scented with citrus notes of yuzu, orange oil and pomelo. The formula is paraben, sulfate, phthalate and petrochemical-free.

Exfoliating grains suspended in a blend of jojoba, sesame seed, macadamia, sunflower and olive oils make for a super hydrating treatment. Try mixing your favorite shower gel with a dollop of scrub in the palm of your hand, and massage all over body for a scented experience.

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This shea butter and sugar crystal scrub leaves skin buffed and quenched for mere dollars. Each scent is meant to inspire a mood: exotic cherry blossom invigorates, toasted vanilla sugar comforts, sweet petals uplift and coconut lime twist relaxes.

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If you’re plagued by stubborn body breakouts, the antibacterial ingredients in this all-natural scrub (which include grapefruit, turmeric and neem), help soothe inflammation. Sea salt and citrus sloughs away dead skin cells so pigmentation from previous breakouts heals faster. The vegan formula contains no dyes or artificial fragrances to irritate acne-prone skin.

This product is available at our sister site, BeautySage, where we only sell products that work!

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Choose from soothing honey and shea, refreshing mango and orange or restorative cranberry and pomegranate blends that polish with natural crystals derived from sugar and ground almond. Aloe leaf juice and shea butter layer skin in moisture. A dose of lactic acid adds additional, gentle exfoliation.

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With its high concentration of Himalayan pink sea salt (60 percent!), this salty scrub stimulates circulation and helps to reduce fluid retention. A cooling peppermint finish leaves skin feeling tightened. Follow up with a cellulite-reducing contour cream afterwards.

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If your game plan includes a quick exfoliation before self-tanning, Rodial’s new scrub was strategically created with the purpose in mind. Its granules buff while a blend of apricot extract and jasmine milk blanket skin in moisture for a streak-free tan.

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Triple digits may seem like a pretty penny for a body scrub, but this oversized 90 ounce jar contains detoxifying sea salts from the Dead Sea, and an intense concentration of botanical extracts and essential oils such as safflower seed, grape seed, evening primrose, lavender and macadamia. Berry seeds provide exfoliation, while antioxidants like blueberry and bitter orange peel provide anti-aging oomph.

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