Do you find that most brow gels let your eyebrows fall flat? Instead, you may want to add brow wax into your routine. A brow wax offers more hold and strength than a brow gel. In addition, it can create the illusion that you’ve received a brow lamination.

Brow waxes are best applied with a spoolie or its accompanying brow brush. It can easily lay down each brow hair for a budge-proof effect. So what brow waxes should you add to your makeup bag?
Best Brow Waxes
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax ($23, shop here):

Anastasia Beverly Hills was a leading innovator in the eyebrow space. They’re known for their iconic Brow Whiz pencil, but now they have a new product on the scene to keep brow hairs in place.

The Brow Freeze is a brow wax that holds hairs in place and can even mimic the effect of a brow lamination. It keeps unruly hairs in line without leaving a crusty white residue behind. As a result, you can achieve feathered brows within seconds.

First, scoop a small amount of product with a wet spoolie and mix everything for even distribution. Then, pick up the product and brush it through the brows upwards. Finally, sculpt and lay the hair down flat to solidify your shape.

Patrick Ta Major Brow Shaping Wax ($22, shop here):

Are you looking for the secret to obtaining celebrity bushy brows? Patrick Ta’s Major Brow Shaping Wax has graced the faces of your favorite models and actresses for a feathered effect. Also, this wax comes in a tinted formula to fill in sparse areas.

So, you can sculpt brows into place and define or darken them in one step. This brow wax has long wear and a natural finish, so you don’t need to stress about residue or flakes. It’s also formulated with Growth Peptides, Glycerine, and Olive Oil.

You can activate this brow wax with water and a spoolie. Working with one brow at a time is beneficial because the formula can dry down quickly. So, run the product through the brows and lay the hairs down for a lasting and laminated effect.

Morphe Supreme Brow Sculpting & Shaping Wax ($8, shop here):

Multiple brands like Morphe are creating an accessible space to try brow wax. The Supreme Brow Sculpting & Shaping Wax can quickly become a staple in any makeup routine. You can wear it alone or pair it with your other favorite brow products.

You can achieve a laminated effect within a few strokes. It’s also formulated with nutritional components like Meadowfoam Seed Oil to boost hydration. So you can rest assured you won’t have crunchy or white-cast eyebrows.

This clear formula seamlessly applies to the brows without altering the shade of your other brow products. It can also help create a feathered and soap-brow finish.

Elf Cosmetics Brow Lift ($6, shop here):

Elf is known for their show-stopping dupes, including their Brow Lift wax which can easily replace any high-end brow wax in your makeup bag. In addition, it offers an extreme hold so you can set them in place for any event or occasion.

This product is ideal for mimicking the soap brows or brow lamination effect. It’s a clear wax that appears translucent on the brows and offers a mess-free application. All you need to do is pick up a small amount of product and brush it through the brows.